2011 X Games 17 Moto X Step Up Results

Thu, Jul 28, 2011


The 2011 X Games 17 Moto X Step Up event went down on July 28th at Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA.

The Moto X Step Up is essentially a motorcycle high jump. The rider that clears the bar at its highest height brings home the X Games gold medal. The Step Up jump was larger this year than in years past. The 2011 jump was 13 feet tall and provided an 18 foot high landing. The 2010 jump offered a 10 foot tall jump and a 14 foot landing. Keep in mind that a taller jump offers a larger radius and a slightly longer path to gather speed.

After the dust cleared and the riders bones’ decompressed from the brutal landings, 31 year old Matt Buyten rolled away with X Games gold. Matt Buyten earned the victory with a jump of 37′ (37 feet measured from the floor of the stadium, not from the top of the jump). With a jump of 37′, Matt Buyten also claims the X Games Step Up record for highest jump. Buyten broke the record set by Tommy Clowers of 35′ set at the 2000 X Games (It should be noted that the X Games Step Up course in 2000 offered a much longer run before the jump. This longer run allowed the riders more speed in approaching the jump. But who is counting, right?).

2011 X Games 17 Moto X Step Up Results
1. Matt Buyten 37′
2. Ronnie Renner 35.5′
3. Myles Richmond 35.5′
3. Brian Deegan 35.5′
5. Tommy Clowers 34.5′
6. Todd Potter 33′

2011 X Games 17 Moto X Step Up Video

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