Chaz Ortiz Skates Miami

Wed, Sep 22, 2010


Chaz Ortiz backslide boardslide handrail
Do you know what Payton Manning and Chaz Ortiz have in common? They both utilize handrails and park benches to their maximum advantage while drinking Gatorade.

Chaz Ortiz and the rest of the Gatorade skate crew recently brought their Chicago skills to Miami and showed South Florida how to get tech. From wallriding to new altitudes at MIA Skatepark to an extendo backslide tailslide to shove-it at the local schoolyard, the Gatorade crew brought a new level of heat to Miami. In fact, the footy was so hot that they had to throw the ‘PROFESSIONAL SKATEBOARDER DO NOT ATTEMPT’ disclaimer on it just so you don’t get any ideas of tossing a 360 frontside ollie off your front porch.

You can catch some more skate footage of the Miami trip at Chaz’s Gatorade website.

photo: Jon Humphries

Chaz Ortiz Exploring Miami – Part 1

Chaz Ortiz Exploring Miami – Part 2

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