Rob Machado The Drifter Soundtrack

Tue, Nov 3, 2009


Rob Machado the drifter surf movie soundtrack

Is this the most anticipated surf move ever?

As most of the world waits (and watches Rob Machado on CNN and ESPN) for Rob’s new surf movie, The Drifter, at least we can start chomping on the musical delights through the soundtrack. The Drifter soundtrack, a stacked affair with the likes of The Raconteurs, Midlake, Tegan and Sara, The Shins and Matt Costa, is now available for download.

Rob Machado The Drifter Surf Movie Soundtrack

  1. New Heat by Stardeath and White Dwarfs (Amazon) (iTunes)
  2. Same Old Thing by The Black Keys (Amazon) (iTunes)
  3. Strange Desire by The Black Keys (Amazon) (iTunes)
  4. Carolina Drama by The Raconteurs (Amazon) (iTunes)
  5. Roscoe by Midlake (Amazon) (iTunes)
  6. House By the Sea by Iron & Wine (Amazon) (iTunes)
  7. Call It Off by Tegan and Sara (Amazon) (iTunes)
  8. Dt Stylee by Jon and Roy (Amazon) (iTunes)
  9. So Long Sweet Misery by Brett Dennen (Amazon) (iTunes)
  10. These Stones Will Shout by The Raconteurs (Amazon) (iTunes)
  11. Beach Baby by Bon Iver (Amazon) (iTunes)
  12. Heartbeats by Jose Gonzalez (Amazon) (iTunes)
  13. Pieces of What by MGMT (Amazon) (iTunes)
  14. 2080 by Yeasayer (Amazon) (iTunes)
  15. Sleeping Lessons by The Shins (Amazon) (iTunes)
  16. I Should Be Born by Jets Overhead (Amazon) (iTunes)
  17. Waiting For A War by The Morning Benders (Amazon) (iTunes)
  18. Behind The Moon by Matt Costa (Amazon) (iTunes)
  19. Always A First Time by Jets Overhead (Amazon) (iTunes)

Rob Machado’s The Drifter surf movie will be released on November 17th. You can buy the movie at your local surf shop or at Amazon or eBay.

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13 Comments For This Post

  1. Giovanna Says:

    I can’t find the song from Chapter 4/23 from the Movie. It is not in this list of soundtrack, and it’s a really cool song. Also play the movie 8 minutes and you will find the spot, I used Shazam application and it didn’t recognized.
    Do you guys know whose song this is? It is too awesome, also as a reference is in the scene where Rob has a beanie and is writing on the mirror the number of days in Ido, and write number 5 with the sticks count system. Please help me find this song….

  2. Morgy Says:

    Awesome soundtrack, just wanted to point out that the song “Roscoe” by Midlake is not the original version as featured on Van Occupanther, it’s the “Beyond the Wizards Sleeve” Remix.

  3. imraan Says:

    I found the artist and the name of the song but cant seem to find it anywhere besides streaming it off of myspace.
    If you find it let me know please im looking for it to.

  4. Chris Says:

    I really would like to find a place to download “in flowing and happy curses”-by the fireside. I have been looking all over the place and can only find it on a myspace to just listen to not download.

  5. Vandy Says:


    You can buy the song or the whole album here:


    hope this helps! 😀

  6. nick Says:

    what is the name of the song at the end of the movie and at the title menu i cant find that song any where and im going crazy ahah

  7. louis Says:

    hello, im looking for the song on chapter 10 pass along, with rob and mikala surfing this unreal left really cool song. love the movie thanks yeww !!

  8. Grizla Says:

    Also missing from this soundtrack listing are three songs by Jon Swift: The opening scene: Ode To O’Rourke, the last scene: Living in The Unknown, and his song Looking in The Mirror is in the bonus section of the DVD. These songs and more are on an album called “The Drifter Sessions” which was being sold at The Drifter premieres. You can also buy it on Jon Swift’s website: http://www.jonswiftmusic.com or on iTunes.

  9. leo Says:

    hey hey.

    still looking for the song in chapter 8 at -41:17 min.
    who knows the interpret or title?


  10. Mizan Says:

    tegan and sara – call it off (instrumental)
    cant get enough of it

  11. Larissa Says:

    hey does anyone know what the song is when hes catching countless perfect lefts right after he talks about no liking to party. its also where hes dancing on the bed

  12. CARLA Says:


  13. Anonymous Says:

    What is the name of the song when after he gets his bike fixed I cant find it cuz its not on the soundtrack… help please it is the 26 min of film…

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