Jack Johnson Better Together En Concert Video

Mon, Oct 12, 2009


Jack Johnson En Concert DVD CD>

As the world waits for the latest Jack Johnson concert DVD and live CD, En Concert, the first video from the new project has been released – Better Together live from Paris, France.

Jack Johnson’s En Concert DVD and live CD will be available for purchase and download on October 27th. You can get yours at Amazon or iTunes.

Jack Johnson Better Together En Concert Video

Jack Johnson En Concert Song List

  1. Belle / Banana Pancakes (Live in Paris, France)
  2. If I Had Eyes (Live in Honolulu, Hawaii)
  3. Do You Remember / Remember (Live in Santa Barbara, CA)
  4. Sleep Through the Static (Live in Paris, France)
  5. Flake (Live in San Francisco, CA)
  6. Bubble Toes / Express Yourself (Live in San Francisco, CA)
  7. Wasting Time (Live in George, WA)
  8. What You Thought You Need (Live in Honolulu, Hawaii)
  9. Country Road (Live in Santa Barbara, CA)
  10. Staple It Together (Live in San Diego, CA)
  11. Sitting, Waiting, Wishing (Live in Barcelona, Spain)
  12. Constellations (with Eddie Vedder) (Live in Manchester, TN)
  13. The Horizon Has Been Defeated / Mother and Child Reunion (Live in Manchester, TN)
  14. Good People (Live in Manchester, TN)
  15. All At Once (Live in Barcelona, Spain)
  16. Gone (Live in Morrisson, CO)
  17. Home (Live in Honolulu, Hawaii)
  18. Times Like These (Live in Santa Barbara, CA)
  19. Angel / Better Together (Live in Paris, France)
  20. Go On / Upside Down (Live in Barcelona, Spain)
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