Taylor Knox Surf Exercises DVD Review

Wed, Sep 30, 2009


Taylor Knox Surf Exercises DVD

Surfer Taylor Knox and personal trainer to numerous action sports athletes, Paul Hiniker, have recently teamed-up to release the most comprehensive exercise DVD specifically geared for surfers. One of the major factors in Taylor Knox’s surfing success and his longevity as a professional surfer is his dedication to fitness. After having tried numerous fitness routines, Taylor has found great success in using Paul Hiniker’s workout to fine-tune and strengthen the muscles involved in surfing.

Taylor Knox’s Surf Exercises DVD offers two workouts; one quick seven minute workout to prepare the body for a surf session and one full-blown 40 minute routine comprised of 12 surf specific exercises. While the DVD offers a number of full-body functional exercises, there is a heavy emphasis on strengthening the core and shoulders. The only piece of fitness equipment used in this video is a Swiss Ball. The DVD also includes a poster that details all of the exercises demonstrated in the video.

The workout routine follows a simple and effective format whereby Taylor Knox (or ripper Ricky Whitlock) performs the exercise while the training expert, Hiniker, thoroughly describes the execution of each exercise, the muscles involved and how this exercise will benefit your surfing. After the instruction, Taylor Knox provides additional color on why he likes the exercise and where he has noticed a difference in his surfing.

Paul Hiniker surf exercises dvd
This exercise DVD offers a wide range of exercises from basic to difficult. Don’t be surprised to find some of the exercises difficult to execute or to find yourself fatiguing quickly. Certain positions will truly test the endurance and flexibility of your shoulders and abdomen.

While I found the DVD excellent, I am surprised that they did not include more exercises aimed at improving balance. Whether the exercise is standing on top of a Swiss Ball (very difficult) or performing movements while standing on one foot, improving balance is key to improving surfing.

If you are interested in improving your surfing by using the most advanced surf exercises, be sure to check out the Taylor Knox Surf Exercises DVD. The DVD is now available at surf shops across the country, Amazon and eBay.

Taylor Knox Surf Exercises DVD Preview

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