2009 NBVC Point Mugu Surf Contest Results

Tue, Aug 25, 2009


Interested in telling a good surf story?

While you could spin a yarn about a world famous spot like Rincon or Teahupoo, if you really want to blow the groms’ minds, tell them a story about surfing Point Mugu, one of the most mysto spots in Southern California. As Point Mugu sits on a Naval Base, it is impossible to gain access to the aqueous treasures for the average civilian and considering sneaking on to a Naval base could be met with death, dismemberment, imprisonment and huge fines, surfing Point Mugu is pretty much out of the question. The legend and lore of Point Mugu, an empty sand-bottomed hybrid of The Wedge and Pipeline, continues to grow.

That being said, our good friends at the Naval Base Ventura County gave us an early Christmas present by putting on the second annual Point Mugu Surf Contest last weekend. The contest gave a few lucky surfers and over 5,000 spectators an opportunity to see Point Mugu in action. While the first day of the contest offered mediocre waves, the second day verified the stories of surfing Point Mugu.

2009 Point Mugu Surf Contest Results
Open Mens

  1. Noah Erickson
  2. Adam Virs
  3. Keoni Cuccia
  4. Dennis Rizzo

Young Guns

  1. Luke Davis
  2. Chance Lawson
  3. Taylor Curran
  4. Jake Kelly


  1. Skylar Peak
  2. Jeff Belzer
  3. Larry Ugale
  4. Ryan Cardone


  1. Jordan De La Vega
  2. Chole Buckley
  3. Chelsea Rauhut
  4. Demi Boelsterli


  1. Jason Blanchard
  2. Felix Rivas
  3. Julien Durand
  4. Blake Peterson

Military Mens

  1. Mathew Merel
  2. Jeffery Eason
  3. Jonothan Flick
  4. Mike Carter

2009 Point Mugu Surf Contest Video

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  1. Renata Says:


  2. brian Says:

    what’s with none of the photographers taking any pictures of video of the bodyboarders? Are we really this immature that we can’t include some photos or video of an entire group of competitors? It seems like people are pretending that they weren’t there. I wouldn’t mind if it was just one picture or one clip, I just think it’s ridiculous that I haven’t seen one single piece of evidence that there were bodyboarding heats aside from the results being posted.

  3. Jon Says:

    I didn’t see any women’s footage either, it was a short clip, they posted just to show the conditions. Try Youtube, but get over not showing any boogie boarders. Who cares if they were there, its an easy drop on your stomach.

  4. Ceugster Says:

    I have a couple bodyboard shots here:

    And very few expression session shots here:

  5. joe Says:

    @Jon- you are a KOOK ! I’m willing to bet you’ve NEVER been barreled IN YOUR LIFE !

  6. Am1 Says:

    Hope Jon never comes out to surf base and if you do hope CRNWS MP’s put an AR15 round in your stick- bra!!

  7. dude Says:

    my dad discovered this spot

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