Musica Surfica Surf Movie

Tue, Aug 18, 2009


Musica Surfica Surf Movie
This one is for all of the surfers that love classical music.

Do I hear crickets?

Before you completely write-off this article and the Musica Surfica surf movie, give it a moment to resonate with the sophisticated soul that lurks deep within you. Did you find the Grey Poupon while you were there?

The Musica Surfica surf movie is a unique documentary that pairs classical music / musicians and surfing / surfers. The odd combination of classical music and surfing is meant to open minds and demonstrate the benefits of taking risks in art. And the surfing is purely evolutionary. The surfers ride a variety of boards, from Hawaiian wood olo surfboards to alaias, and all of them finless.

Musica Surfica was filmed on King Island in Southern Australia. The movie features the surfing of legendary surf journalist and wave riding expert, Derek Hynd, Tom Carroll and Heath Joske.

Musica Surfica Surf movie is available for sale at Amazon.

Musica Surfica Surf Movie Trailer

Musica Surfica Surf Movie Teaser #1

Musica Surfica Surf Movie Teaser #2

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