2009 X Games 15 Skateboard Park Results

Mon, Aug 3, 2009


As the divisions of skateboarding continue to separate between vert, big air and street, we hope that skateboard park competitions will be the great unifier and sole decider of skateboard supremecy.

We love skateboard park.

And if we need more skateboard park competitions, we need to make sure that Ben Raybourn gets more invitations to compete. In an odd twist, Texan Ben Raybourn displayed a mix of old and new tricks while effortlessly working the park during his runs in the Elimination contest the day before the Skateboard Park finals. The crowd was stoked and Ben even earned praise from the high majesty of skateboarding, Tony Hawk, during a post session interview yet we did not see him in the final. Better luck next year, Ben.

The skatepark for X Games 15 was massive. Maybe too massive as there was often downtime as the skater rolled around the outskirts of the park setting up for the next trick. Having watched the X Games 15 Skateboard Park both live and on television, the shifting of camera angles makes the action look faster on television than it does in person. That is unless your name is Rune Glifberg. Rune was significantly faster yet smooth around the course. He carved higher on the cradle and was transferring like a mad man. A well-deserved win for Rune Glifberg.

2009 X Games 15 Skateboard Park Results

  1. Rune Glifberg
  2. Andy Macdonald
  3. Chad Bartie
  4. Omar Hassan
  5. Tony Trujillo
  6. Kevin Kowalski
  7. Aaron Homoki
  8. Jimmy Marcus
  9. Steve Reeves
  10. Bruno Passos

2009 X Games 15 Skateboard Park Video Highlights

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