2009 X Games 15 Moto X Best Trick Results

Sat, Aug 1, 2009


The X Games 15 Moto X Best Trick went down last night at the Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles, CA.

As ESPN promoted and pumped the Moto X Best Trick relentlessly with Travis Pastrana interviews, Travis Pastrana breakfast highlights, Travis Pastrana BBQ tips, etc, the event with arguably the most hype ended with a whimper. While Travis Pastrana received much of the attention as he was going to attempt the Toilet Paper Roll or Corkscrew 720 or Rodeo 720 or Backflip 360 or whatever you want to call it, there were also going to be four other X Games Moto X trick debuts to get excited about.

The competition begins and Blake Williams pulls a 360 Indian Air. Very impressive and a great start for the contest. Here comes FMX progression! Next rider, Charles Pages, attempts a Decade Air and falls. Next rider, Travis Pastrana, attempts the Backflip 360 and falls. And since FMX falls are big, Travis is not able to attempt his second jump. So for those of you keeping score at home, after ESPN has promoted Travis endlessly, his X Games on a motorcycle is over after one jump. Next rider, Scott Murray, attempts a double backflip and falls. Next rider, Paris Rosen, attempts a front flip and falls. Next rider, Todd Potter, drops a Coffin Backflip but skids off the landing. Technically, Potter landed the trick but the judges dock serious points for playing out of bounds. As falls are part of progression, the competition remains exciting as the riders are truly going for it. After Kyle Loza pulls a straight air on his first run, he pulls the same trick that won him the gold at X Games 14 and, to the surprise of the commentators and the fans, wins gold. Our progression session has just ended.

2009 X Games 15 Moto X Best Trick Results

  1. Kyle Loza
  2. Blake Williams
  3. Todd Potter
  4. Travis Pastrana
  5. Paris Rosen
  6. Charles Pages
  7. Scott Murray
  8. Willy Watts

2009 X Games 15 Moto X Best Trick Video

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