2009 X Games 15 Mens Skateboard Vert Results

Sat, Aug 1, 2009


Have I entered the Twilight Zone or has PLG won another vert contest? Since Bucky, PLG and Andy Mac have been rotating spots on the podium for the past five years, let’s talk about the other skaters.

The greatest skateboarder in the world, Bob Burnquist, just missed a spot in the finals. As Bob had already collected medals in Skateboard Big Air and Skateboard Big Air Rail Jam, he deserved the opportunity to rest. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the powers that be can convince Bob to enter the Skateboard Park competition next year.

Alex Perelson continues his momentum from the Maloof Money Cup. Alex was going big and had the crowd behind him. After pulling a 900 at MMC, the crowd was amped to see him pull one at the X Games. He gave it one spin in his last run and fell.

Rumor has it Shaun White missed the X Games as he was practicing his snowboarding for Olympics. We look forward to having him back next year.

2009 X Games 15 Mens Skateboard Vert Results

  1. Pierre-Luc Gagnon
  2. Bucky Lasek
  3. Andy Macdonald
  4. Danny Mayer
  5. Alex Perelson
  6. Bob Burnquist
  7. Rune Glifberg
  8. Sandro Dias
  9. Rob Lorifice
  10. Adam Taylor

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