Ryan Sheckler AXE Double Pits to Chesty Skateboard Video

Fri, Jul 31, 2009


Professional skateboarders Ryan Sheckler, Greg Lutzka and Jereme Rogers team-up for six minutes of skateboarding, meeting the ladies and smelling good. The crew skateboards around numerous SoCal skatespots including the San Clemente skatepark. Sheckler goes big – an ollie over an ostrich, a kickflip over a Segway-riding security guard and a ‘double pits to chesty’ ollie over a golf cart being driven by Rogers and Lutka.

Ryan Sheckler AXE Deodorant Double Pits to Chesty Skateboard Video

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  1. zhaquil williams Says:

    yo that was awsome i did that before over a motorcycle

  2. anonymous Says:

    Golf cart shot, done at my work Ive been waiting to see the video. Great job, you guys rock!!

  3. dan watson Says:


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