2009 X Games 15 Skateboard Big Air Rail Jam Results

Fri, Jul 31, 2009


The Skateboard Big Air Rail Jam is a welcome addition to the X Games. While the format might need some adjusting, going tech at high speed is further testament to the insane abilities of the world’s greatest skateboarders.

As the 2009 X Games 15 Skateboard Big Air Rail Jam featured five skaters, it was easy to keep track of who was doing and scoring what. As most rides ended in falls, it was even more clear to who was scoring as only landed tricks counted. But, as the final minutes of the competition ticked away, the oddities in scoring began. The competition began with Bob Burnquist taking the early lead followed by a second-place Rob Lorifice who had landed a 5.0 grind. Then, a hobbled Danny Way takes first place by landing a switch 50-50, and pushes Burnquist and Lorifice down a spot, respectively. As time ticks away, Adam Taylor pulls a kickflip indy 50-50 and pulls a variable boardslide. On the television broadcast, we were not given scores or replays of Taylor’s or Andy Mac’s tricks and the competition ends with Way, Burnquist and Lorifice retaining their positions. While everyone loves Danny Way, it makes you wonder if ESPN was too busy reciting what Danny had for breakfast instead of properly scoring and documenting the rest of the contest.

2009 X Games 15 Skateboard Big Air Rail Jam Results

  1. Danny Way
  2. Bob Burnquist
  3. Rob Lorifice
  4. Adam Taylor
  5. Andy MacDonald

2009 X Games 15 Skateboard Big Air Rail Jam Video

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    The judges at X-Games are so terrible. Wow.

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