AskMen’s Top 10 Female Surfers

Tue, Jul 14, 2009


I recently came across AskMen’s list of Top 10 Female Surfers. As AskMen is in a similar category to Maxim in terms of heavy-duty journalism (they cover all stories heavily involved with boobs, butts and other visuals of attractive women), I figured their list of female surfers would be heavily skewed towards the water vixen. To my surprise, AskMen’s list of Top 10 Female Surfers is neither solely based on looks, competitive achievements, popularity or overall skill. All of this begs the question, then what is it based on? Maybe these were the only 10 female surfers AskMen could find!

But before we jump to any conclusions, keep in the mind that the list creator also used the phrase, ‘The male surfers have generally performed better on the tides’….

AskMen’s Top 10 Female Surfers

  1. Layne Beachley
  2. Serena Brooke
  3. Megan Abubo
  4. Malia Jones
  5. Keala Kennelly
  6. Anastasia Ashley
  7. Karina Petroni
  8. Erica Hosseini
  9. Christa Alves
  10. Daize Shayne
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