The King of Product Placement – Ryan Sheckler

Tue, Feb 10, 2009


As if we did not get to see enough of the inner workings of Ryan Sheckler through his Mtv telenovela reality show, The Life of Ryan, he was recently featured in a Celebs Teen Edition of Mtv Cribs.

While few can match Ryan Sheckler’s skill on a skateboard, he has undoubtedly become The Pitchman in action sports. Don’t get me wrong, I would be as stoked as the next guy to get paid to skateboard but when Mtv Cribs shows up, it is completely acceptable to show your life outside of skateboarding. As the Mtv Cribs segment demonstrates, Ryan Sheckler lives in a branded world. Between stumbling over cans of Red Bull every few feet or the RS branded car, martial arts studio, office and clothes, I am starting to wonder if Sheckler could kickflip a skateboard without logos on it?

For those of you keeping score at home, the six minute Ryan Sheckler infomercial Cribs segment features two Volcom product placements (Ryan wears a Volcom shirt and Volcom poster in office), five Red Bull placements (Red Bull hat, Red Bull billiards balls, Red Bull refrigerator, Red Bull drinks inside main refrigerator and one Red Bull stainless steel kitchen fixture (I caught that one!)), one Panasonic placement (a Panasonic 108 inch television), one Calloway Golf placement (one set of Calloway Golf clubs), one Ryan Sheckler clothing product placement and one LA Boxing placement (the Ryan Sheckler Fight Club sponsored by LA Boxing).

And to think that after all of that, he couldn’t squeeze in a little Proactiv Solution plug?

Ryan Sheckler on Mtv Cribs

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