Shayne Pospisil Wins Red Bull Snowscrapers Snowboard Contest

Thu, Feb 5, 2009


Red Bull Snowscrapers Snowboard Competition in New York City
The Red Bull Snowscrapers Big Air snowboard contest went down tonight in New York City. The Red Bull Snowscrapers was also a 5 Star event on the Swatch TTR World Snowboard Tour. The event collected 16 of the best snowboarders in the world and pitted them against a nine-story drop-in and a massive hip jump. The winner would walk away with $50,000.

So Shaun White won, right? No.

Oh, so Travis Rice claimed victory? Nope.

New Jersey shredder Shayne Pospisil walked away with the top prize after defeating Torstein Horgmo in the event final.

While Red Bull organized a fantastic event in terms of gathering the best riders, having a live webcast and building a contest venue in the middle of New York City, the event lagged because of the snowboard jump. It was clear that all of the riders were having a difficult time generating enough speed to throw the big tricks. Case in point, the biggest spin thrown was a 900. The big hit at X Games 13 two weeks ago had these same riders squeezing in an extra 180 or 360. And as the jump provided a hip landing, the snowboarders weren’t able to cork their twists as much as a flat landing.

But a contest is a contest. Shayne Pospisil, you are the Red Bull Snowscrapers Champion.

Red Bull Snowscrapers Snowboard Contest Results

Red Bull Snowscrapers Best Trick
Terje Haakonsen

Red Bull Snowscrapers Snowboard Contest Video

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