Winter X Games 13 Women’s Snowboard SuperPipe Results

Tue, Feb 3, 2009


The second day of the Winter X Games 13 from Buttermilk Mountain in Aspen, Colorado featured the Women’s Snowboard SuperPipe competition.

First and foremost, the women went for it. While snowboard women’s superpipe doesn’t feature the amplitude or spins as the men’s snowboard competition, it was clear that these women were pushing hard for X Games gold. Case in point, two women’s superpipe favorites, Gretchen Bleiler and Kelly Clark, took huge slams in shooting for the #1 spot. Gretchen slammed so hard that she could not take her third run.

Gretchen Bleiler’s Winter X Games 13 Slam

One lady that did not slam is Torah Bright. Torah was smooth and athletic and earned herself X Games gold.

Not to overshadow Torah Bright’s X Games gold, I do have a gripe with Torah’s last run. As Torah had put the competition out of reach, her third and final run was a victory lap. Just an opportunity to style out. And what do we get a chance to see? A hurried combination of frontside and backside slashes? You have got to be kidding. While I will give Torah a partial pass as she had recently separated her shoulder, the element of style cannot be removed from action sports and particularly snowboarding. It could be argued that victory laps are even better than the competition runs. You win it, you claim it! Torah, we want to see some stalefishes next year.

Torah Bright Wins X Games 13 Womesn’s Snowboard SuperPipe

Winter X Games 13 (2009) Women’s Snowboard SuperPipe Results

  1. Torah Bright
  2. Kelly Clark
  3. Hannah Teter
  4. Ellery Hollingsworth
  5. Kaitlyn Farrington
  6. Gretchen Bleiler
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