Transworld Skateboarding Right Foot Forward Skateboarding Video

Thu, Jan 29, 2009


Transworld Skateboarding presents a teaser for their latest skateboard movie, Right Foot Forward. Transworld, in conjunction with Adio Shoes, Ambiguous Clothing, Osiris Shoes and Cliche Skateboards, brings us some roller love from Kellen James, Matt Beach, Corey Duffel, Joey Brezinskiand Bobby Worrest. The movie is put together by the famous skateboarding video machine, Jon Holland. Holland is responsible for past Transworld Skateboarding videos such as A Time to Shine, And Now and Modus Operandi.

The big question remains – Right Foot Forward, is it just a play on words or are all the skaters featured naturally goofy?

Right Foot Forward will be released in the summer of 2009.

Transworld Skateboarding Right Foot Forward Skateboard Video Teaser

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