The Ryan Sheckler Skate Paradise

Sun, Nov 23, 2008


Skate videos of Ryan Sheckler’s personal skatepark are slowly emerging. And to summarize, it is sick.

As any self-respecting Life of Ryan fan knows, Ryan Sheckler lives somewhere in San Clemente, CA. And as his official website states that his new skatepark is close to his house, so you can do the math on the general vicinity of his skate paradise.

Ryan Sheckler’s official website released this video late last week of Ryan and his brother, Shane Sheckler, breaking in the new skatepark. Ryan Sheckler drops a little one-footed madness and a big backside 360 kickflip step-up.

Ryan’s shoe sponsor, Etnies, also visited the skate paradise last week and was kind of enough to post a video of Ryan launching a huge backside 360 ollie as well as some manual trickery.

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