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Thu, Oct 30, 2008


There was a time when you could watch a cable television station and get music videos all day long. People would stay up all night just to see Michael Jackson’s 13-minute video extravaganza, Thriller. All was well in the world with the exception of not having Tivo.

But then something happened. Mtv, the alleged music television station, stopped showing music videos. Nowadays, Mtv delights us with a cadre of scripted reality shows such as The Hills, Run’s House and The Real World.

What happened to Yo! Mtv Raps? Headbanger’s Ball? Unplugged? Where am I going to learn my new dance moves?

Luckily, Mtv, albeit a tad late, has finally given the power to the people and made it possible to search and watch their entire collection of music videos via their new site, Mtvmusic.com.

A celebration is in order. Please enjoy the musical wizardly of Twisted Sister.

Twisted Sister |MTV Music
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