Bombing Malibu (and why you need to see Thrashin’ immediately)

Mon, Aug 18, 2008


Another article in the Health section of the LA Times today talks about longboard skateboarding (bombing) the canyon roads of Malibu. While this article is next to the longboard skateboard/weight loss article I wrote about previously, I am still puzzled on how an article about downhill skateboarding made it into the Health section of a reputable daily newspaper. Not to rain on anyone’s parade but riding a skateboard down a canyon road at speeds of nearly 40 mph is not healthy. It is insanity. And that is why we write about it.

But no discussion about skateboarding the canyon roads of Malibu would be complete without mentioning the greatest skateboard movie of all time; Thrashin’. Considering this movie was released (1986) before many of my loyal readers were born, I am proud to perform this public service by introducing you to your history. Well before Josh Brolin was the mega-superstar in No Country for Old Men and American Gangster (but right after Goonies), he portrayed Corey Webster, a clean-cut skater that not only seeked to revenge a broken arm by outskating his ne’erdowell gangster nemisis, he also wanted to hook-up with said nemisis’ younger sister (Could revenge be any sweeter?). While the cheese factor is astronomical, the movie also features action from some of the legends of skateboarding (Tony Hawk, Christian Hosoi, Lance Mountain and Steve Cabellero). The movie concludes with a death race down the Malibu canyons called the LA Massacre. I have added it below for your viewing pleasure (in German, of course).

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